Fro-Yo, yo!

A great, healthy, alternative to ice cream is the best invention ever– Frozen Yogurt. It has less calories, offers a variety of flavors, and makes your father squeal like a five year old at a candy store. On our outing today we went to Kiwi Frozen Yogurt in Cherry Hill, NJ.


   The decor screams ice cream parlor! See what I did there? Ha! Enough of that. The great thing about frozen yogurt shops is that you get to make your own creations and then pay for it.
Be careful how much you place in the bowl because they will get you at the register.

As a dessert lover here are some tips for a  Frozen Yogurt outing:
1. The Fro-Yo should be proportioned
equally, so you can get the most for your money.
2. Go light on the toppings, so that you can savor the Fro-Yo.
3. Experiment with flavors: Have fun trying new things.
4. When in doubt, get the cake batter flavor, it is yummy!
5. Do not feel guilty for the indulgence we are all entitled to a cheat day!
6. Lastly, if you post a picture on Instagram or Tweet with the hash tag #kiwifrozenyogurt you get one ounce of yogurt for free. Can’t beat that 🙂

Hope these tips come in handy.


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