Yummy in my Tummy: Bobby’s Burger Palace


Yummy in my tummy!
Yummy in my tummy!

On a hot Friday in July, cooking seems like a torturous task. So when the opportunity presents itself to go out and enjoy a delicious meal with the family, we must take it. The meal of choice today was burgers and our place to indulge ourselves was none other than Bobby Flay’s restaurant, Bobby’s Burger Palace. There is something to be said about the craftsmanship of a classic American burger. Bobby’s Burger Palace takes the traditional and adds a modern twist to it. Not to mention the mouth watering Beer battered Onion rings, so drooling over here!

             Today I went for the L.A. Burger, a great combination of well-done beef, cheese, and avocado. Now here is the big news, for me at least, you can  CRUNCHAFY your burgers for FREE. Yes, if you are indulging go all the way and add a layer of potato chips to your burger. You have not lived until you have tried this! It was heavenly. Additionally, the onion rings and a side of fries with their Chipotle dipping sauce gives the meal an extra kick that had this food lover dancing for joy.

        I do recommend you go with a big appetite because you do not want to waste a single bite. My father thoroughly enjoyed his first time at Bobby’s Burger Palace making sure to eat all of the French fries before we left. He was close to ordering one of their delicious smoothies, however, the promise of frozen yogurt stopped him.Next time you are in the mood for a burger try Bobby’s and make sure to get the side of onion rings. You will not regret it!


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