Silver Diner-Cherry Hill , NJ

The day is July 10,2014. Walking up to the Silver Diner you feel transported back to a time of eating establishments covered in shiny aluminum and neon lights that serve malts and burgers. However take a step through the front door and you feel a sense of a time past with a bit of a time still to come. You are greeted with large flat screen television over the counter playing,on this day, a world cup game. You are then welcomed warmly by the hostess as she escorts you to the booth that is awaiting a new set of guests.As you get settled into your seats,you remove your sunglasses,jackets,or whatever protective wear you have decided on for the day, you are able to observe your surroundings a bit more closely and find the ultimate retro touch is right there in your booth : a jukebox. A JUKEBOX. YOU ARE OFFICIALLY IN HEAVEN. For a quarter you can reminisce about a time past as far back as the 1950’s or as recent as the early 2000’s.Be careful, one blogger in particular burned through a dollar real fast. (Maybe it was me….). Now for the most important part of all this….the menu….the bearer of all the goodness a diner has to offer.This diner in particular has a colorful menu with BIG FONT and lots of delicious pictures. You can choose to have Breakfast in the middle of the day, or a burger for dessert, whatever your heart desires. And for those whose heart doesn’t desire a heart attack at 6pm for dinner, no worries, the Silver Diner offers a variety of options for their Vegan,Vegetarian and Gluten Free friends. Two bloggers in particular however craved some breakfast for lunch (yes…we did…’cause we are rebels like that). H, (thats me ) decided on some simple french toast, but boy was it anything but simple. It was Caramel drizzle french toast. Three halved pieces ( 6 total) of Brioche french toast, griddle cooked to perfection ,which was then drizzled with caramel and as a kicker , a small serving of maple syrup on the side. I know what you’re thinking, “H, caramel AND maple syrup? Are you crazy? Thats a cavity just waiting to happen!” Well I say to you,CALM DOWN. Im sorry that was rude…please…relax . It isn’t bad…i promise..there is a little bit of caramel , so you get the taste and you can get it in every bite, but the food is not swimming in it. The maple syrup, when drizzled over the top is the perfect addition, still not overly sweet.Its french toast with a little extra something. Now…Z on the other hand went BIG. Go big or go home..isn’t that what they say? right?…right. Z went for the Banana stuffed French toast . I’ll let you drool over that for a minute…………………. OK? Good…clean yourself up….you missed a spot…..good. So her dish included 2 thick pieces of Brioche french toast. Between which was slices of banana and what appeared to be mascarpone cheese. Cheese lesson: Mascarpone is an Italian cheese , which is typically found in the traditional Italian dessert Tiramisu , however it is also often used in the savory setting as a substitute for butter in risotto. It originated in the area between Lodi,Italy and Abbiategrasso , Italy sometime between the late 16th century and early 17th century. Back to the dish , It was also topped with large slices of banana , but also had chocolate chips and drizzled with sweet cream and caramel. In Z’s words ,” It is perfectly sweet , not “It makes me wanna vomit sweet”.



Overall, we quite enjoyed our visit to the Silver Diner. The atmosphere was great,the location was super clean and tidy ,the staff was polite and kind, and the food….OH THE FOOD…was phenomenal. If you’re in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area , I would strongly encourage making a stop into the Silver Diner at anytime of day. I can say wholeheartedly that you will not go wrong no matter when you stop in for a treat. Happy Eating!


— H


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