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Silver Diner -DEJA VU

Date- August 6,2014               Location – Cherry Hill, NJ

OH my word…wait..i know this place…its….its…THE SILVER DINER!! mommas home! We had a night at the movies..went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy (mmm hello STAR LORD) umm anyway…the movie let out around 10pm and we thought…gosh we;re hungry…how about some breakfast…because thats a totally normal thought to have at 10 pm…well it is for us.

So here is what i had :

IMG_2473 Nothing fancy just a Belgian waffle and eggs over easy with some turkey sausage..because its healthy. A nice crunchy exterior to the waffle keeping the steam inside so when you cut into it you get a soft waffle interior…delizioso! Perfectly cooked eggs ,sausage patty and warm syrup…mmmm yummy!

Here is what the bestie ordered:


Similar to what I ordered. Basic pancake, eggs and sausage.She got a little something extra with warm,griddled bananas on top. I wont go into to much detail..if you’ve read the blog you know we are big fans of this place and their food…soo no matter what meal..GOOO IF YOU CAN!! RUN FOREST RUNNNN

Bye lol

xoxo B


Ain’t it Nifty… Nifty Fifties!

Date- July 17,2014            Location- Nifty Fifties, Philadelphia,Pa

Nifties Fifties had become a staple in my childhood for as long as I can remember. It even became part of a Christmas Eve tradition for my father and I for breakfast. So we decided to change it up…my bestie and I went for lunch. We shared some kick ass loaded fries : Buffalo chicken fries :



Now..please be warned…although the food is good 95% of it is fried …REALLY FRIED..OR cooked in grease…its not for the faint of heart or stomach..we didn’t feel to hot afterward..out stomachs were not to kind to us. So please I do not encourage this for everyday eating. Once in a while. 

I had a double cheeseburger (why a double you ask? I asked the same thing? NO IDEA):IMG_2438This is how far i got before feeling SUPER FULL! 

It was juicy and cheesy, super greasy..bring a wet nap or better yet..a bib…because you will need it drips down your arm with every bite. 

The bestie got a crab cake sandwich…she’s wasn’t a fan…and it got taken away before i got a pic… bad .

xoxo B 


Jersey Shore Part 2

Date-July 12,2014             Location- Wildwood,Nj 

Hello again…so to continue our journey…lets move to the infamous jersey shore boardwalk….this..THIS is where you will find the creme’ de la creme of summer time cuisine. Boardwalk pizza is one of my favs. I KNOWW..Brittany ? really? yes really. Look : IMG_2432yummmmmmmmmmmm. The cheese is scorching will burn your mouth..but in the best way possible. The crust has the right amount of crunchiness in the upper crust and yet its soft and chewy on the bottom crust.Thats what a crust should be. Also as you can tell…the serving is HUGE. lol. It’s about $5 a slice, but it will fill you up.

Let’s move on to dessert….and this…oh boy….this is my favorite dessert! Just….look :IMG_2431 these little bundles of heaven are Deep Fried Oreos! DEEP FRIED OREOS!! ahhhhhhh….oops sorry I was drooling…anywayyyyy ummm what was I saying..RIGHT…bundle of heaven…here is the place where we bought them : IMG_2430IMG_2429

Oreos fried in a funnel cake-like batter….so when you bite into it , it’s almost like biting into  a light cake , the oreo inside manages to keep its structural integrity but at the same time softens up..and the cream filling melts….and oozes out when you bite into they cover it in powdered its..super sweet but not “kill my teeth why dont ya” sweet. The perfect ending to top off a day of sea shore eating…only to be followed up by 2 hrs at the gym the next day…but so worth it in my opinion!

See you soon

xoxo B



Date- July 12th 2014       Location- Wildwood , NJ

Home of fist pumping and too much spray tan…..YIKES. No worries friends….this is a food blog..lets talk turkey, or in our case cheese dogs and fried desserts! I went to the Jersey shore with some friends and I was super excited. Yes it’s the beach,hot guys ,hot weather, the ocean….but my most favorite part of the shore….is boardwalk food~ duh! If you aren’t fortunate enough to live near the shore ..i’m sorry..i’m so so sorry. No Worries! I’ll help you feel like you’re there. First stop is The Fabulous Hot Spot Diner.IMG_2428 I’ll be honest..we only ended up here cause someone in the group needed the little girls room (IT WASNT ME I SWEAR!) anyway….we had to buy something to use the we got the cheapest thing on the menu…a snack to hold us over. We decided on  hot dog with fries…we were surprised by what we were served :   IMG_2427all we wanted was a snack…A SNACK! and for $4.95 It was worth it ..we ended up taking some home..we didn’t want to get to full considering we had more boardwalk favs to pig out on. So a little about this place. Its super chill. The outside looks like a typical seashore cafe/restaurant as does the inside..nothing super fancy about the interior , basic decor however it looks like the type of place that easily gets packed at a certain time of day when beach goers are done for the day or at night when the twenty-somethings need some grub after a night of “fun”. Although the food was relatively simple: hot dog and fries, it was delicious. The hot dog had the perfect snap from the casing. A lot of times when you get a hot dog , its soft ,based on how its cooked. Theres no bite to it. The sign of a perfect hot dog, in my opinion is the SNAP you hear when you bite into it . The roll was your basic white bread.. it was warmed slightly,not soggy at all, held the dog really well. The fries were freshly cut Idaho potatoes. They seem to have been flash fried then baked..they had some crisp to them but still were soft on the inside, flakey and we cooked perfectly. Add a side of honey mustard (’cause i eat it on EVERYTHING)’s PERFECTION.see you in part 2