Ain’t it Nifty… Nifty Fifties!

Date- July 17,2014            Location- Nifty Fifties, Philadelphia,Pa

Nifties Fifties had become a staple in my childhood for as long as I can remember. It even became part of a Christmas Eve tradition for my father and I for breakfast. So we decided to change it up…my bestie and I went for lunch. We shared some kick ass loaded fries : Buffalo chicken fries :



Now..please be warned…although the food is good 95% of it is fried …REALLY FRIED..OR cooked in grease…its not for the faint of heart or stomach..we didn’t feel to hot afterward..out stomachs were not to kind to us. So please I do not encourage this for everyday eating. Once in a while. 

I had a double cheeseburger (why a double you ask? I asked the same thing? NO IDEA):IMG_2438This is how far i got before feeling SUPER FULL! 

It was juicy and cheesy, super greasy..bring a wet nap or better yet..a bib…because you will need it drips down your arm with every bite. 

The bestie got a crab cake sandwich…she’s wasn’t a fan…and it got taken away before i got a pic… bad .

xoxo B 



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