Date- July 12th 2014       Location- Wildwood , NJ

Home of fist pumping and too much spray tan…..YIKES. No worries friends….this is a food blog..lets talk turkey, or in our case cheese dogs and fried desserts! I went to the Jersey shore with some friends and I was super excited. Yes it’s the beach,hot guys ,hot weather, the ocean….but my most favorite part of the shore….is boardwalk food~ duh! If you aren’t fortunate enough to live near the shore ..i’m sorry..i’m so so sorry. No Worries! I’ll help you feel like you’re there. First stop is The Fabulous Hot Spot Diner.IMG_2428 I’ll be honest..we only ended up here cause someone in the group needed the little girls room (IT WASNT ME I SWEAR!) anyway….we had to buy something to use the we got the cheapest thing on the menu…a snack to hold us over. We decided on  hot dog with fries…we were surprised by what we were served :   IMG_2427all we wanted was a snack…A SNACK! and for $4.95 It was worth it ..we ended up taking some home..we didn’t want to get to full considering we had more boardwalk favs to pig out on. So a little about this place. Its super chill. The outside looks like a typical seashore cafe/restaurant as does the inside..nothing super fancy about the interior , basic decor however it looks like the type of place that easily gets packed at a certain time of day when beach goers are done for the day or at night when the twenty-somethings need some grub after a night of “fun”. Although the food was relatively simple: hot dog and fries, it was delicious. The hot dog had the perfect snap from the casing. A lot of times when you get a hot dog , its soft ,based on how its cooked. Theres no bite to it. The sign of a perfect hot dog, in my opinion is the SNAP you hear when you bite into it . The roll was your basic white bread.. it was warmed slightly,not soggy at all, held the dog really well. The fries were freshly cut Idaho potatoes. They seem to have been flash fried then baked..they had some crisp to them but still were soft on the inside, flakey and we cooked perfectly. Add a side of honey mustard (’cause i eat it on EVERYTHING)’s PERFECTION.see you in part 2


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