Silver Diner -DEJA VU

Date- August 6,2014               Location – Cherry Hill, NJ

OH my word…wait..i know this place…its….its…THE SILVER DINER!! mommas home! We had a night at the movies..went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy (mmm hello STAR LORD) umm anyway…the movie let out around 10pm and we thought…gosh we;re hungry…how about some breakfast…because thats a totally normal thought to have at 10 pm…well it is for us.

So here is what i had :

IMG_2473 Nothing fancy just a Belgian waffle and eggs over easy with some turkey sausage..because its healthy. A nice crunchy exterior to the waffle keeping the steam inside so when you cut into it you get a soft waffle interior…delizioso! Perfectly cooked eggs ,sausage patty and warm syrup…mmmm yummy!

Here is what the bestie ordered:


Similar to what I ordered. Basic pancake, eggs and sausage.She got a little something extra with warm,griddled bananas on top. I wont go into to much detail..if you’ve read the blog you know we are big fans of this place and their food…soo no matter what meal..GOOO IF YOU CAN!! RUN FOREST RUNNNN

Bye lol

xoxo B


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