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Helllooooo my lovelies ,

It’s been too long….

I decided…since I was up early for the day and I don’t have to be at work till later that I would cook. I decided to make my famous chicken pot pie. OK…FAMOUS….it’s famous to me…because it’s awesome. I had one of those rotisserie chickens that you get at the grocery store, I had leftovers ,so i picked the bones clean, saving the wishbone..though I wish for the same thing every time and I am still waiting for my wish to come true. (Chris Evans standing on my doorstep with a bouquet of roses and pledging his love for me……it’s a wish isn’t it HELLO) anyway sorry…off topic…I shredded the chicken…made a homemade gravy/sauce with chicken broth and a roux (butter and flour) then a little salt and pepper. I mixed in the chicken and a mix of veggies. Also, the gravy is made on a pan on the stovetop, then i added everything into the sauce. I know there are traditional “pot pie” veggies..but my opinion is use whatever you want..or what you have at home. I used peas,corn,carrots and some celery. I had 2 pre-made crusts that I bought from the grocery store . I like a double crusted pot pie. Some people only like a top crust. Thats cool…I respect that.. not my style but hey..who am I to judge?

TIP: If using store bought pie crusts,for example the ones you buy in the freezer section already in the pie pans, freeze then defrost or even better, use right away. The ones I had sat in the fridge,so they didn’t go bad, but they fell apart a bit when i went to use them, especially the top crust.

You can tell from the top , I did a little patchwork so it wouldn’t bubble all over..however I did put slits in the top THATS IT IMPORTANT!! otherwise any kind of steam that builds wont have anywhere to go and BOOMMMMM…a hot mess…thats what…You can also see at the top , I added some grated cheese to the crust. I like the extra little bite it gives the crust.

So on a scale of 1-10…i would grade myself a 8.5…..mainly because the crust went a little hinky .

I would leave a more specific recipe..except I didn’t use one…I rarely cook with a recipe…when I bake..I follow a recipe . That stuff has to be more exact.

I have some posts that will be added shortly from a few months ago….One for my birthday brunch in the city ( case you forgot) and also one from about a month ago……Be back soon!!

My pie...not the prettiest..but still delish!
My pie…not the prettiest..but still delish!