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Food Tasting 101

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Hey everyone…it is currently 4:06 am on the East Coast…can’ sleep…it happens.

Anyway..i just wanted to let you all know about a new venture that my best friend Damaris and I have decided to begin. We are Vlogging now.

Her and I have our separate Blogs. Mine is this one you are currently reading and hers is called Style D to Z .It is a fashion and beauty blog. We love watching video blogs online and thought that it looked like so much fun. I like that it makes the blogs more personal and easy to relate to. Our channel is called B &D’s Lifestyle Channel. We wanted to create a space where her and I could just talk about things that we love,voice our opinions in safe environment , but also have a space where others could feel comfortable having a voice, maybe enjoy our content and take something from it whether it be occasional advice, recipe,fashion tips,show recommendations , anything really. Right now we have just an intro video but it is a pretty good impression of what her and I are like together and how we get on. Also you can get a good idea of what our videos are like.

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❤ Brittany


Just a small post …but…..if you live in the NYC area or in the city as well..firstly i’m jelly of you..and secondly you are aware of a confection called a “cronut” it’s heaven. If you are unaware….where have you been? living under a rock? …this very special treat is a combination of a donut and a croissant. It is a donut made from croissant dough a cro-nut! GENIUS…it was created and trademarked by french pastry Chef Dominique Ansel at his bakery in New York City. It is super hard to get ones hands on because they only produce a certain number of these treats a day..and in various flavors.

Those of us who not lucky enough to live in NYC have to live without these confections right?


sorry for yelling, i’m just excited…….

The fast food/coffee shop Dunkin Donuts has it’s own Cronut..however because the name is trademarked they renamed it….you ready for this…its quite clever:


kinda anti climactic ….but yeah..straight forward ..right to the pointIMG_2670

I may have had one already..or 2…lets go with one.

It was very tasty..i’m sure the original is better..but since i’m so far from its birthplace..ill just have to live with it…




Restaurant : Parc

Location: Rittenhouse square,Philadelphia,PA


Bonjour Mon ami’…. in case you were wondering. …That was Francais…. French…it was French for Hello my Friends…anyway this entry is about…. Ohhh 3.months or so late…

I know…I knowww please stop yelling at me IM SORRY! *awkward silence *

Good? Okay cool…


I almost forgot…IT WAS FOR MY & MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTHDAY!! WE TURNED 25…I don’t want to talk about it.


So for the entry…. this place is called Parc Brasserie…or to us silly Americans, Parc Café. It’s in the center of the Rittenhouse Square section of Center City Philadelphia. It’s a French style bistro serving traditional French cuisine to city livers and tourists alike. I’ll be honest I was kind of geeking out…I took 4 years of French in high school and I could actually recall it enough to read the menu which for the most part is in French. Do not be afraid my lovelies, the descriptions are in English, it’s just the dishes have French names.


For example, this is what I had:


It is called a Croque Madame. Not to be confused with a Croque Monsieur ….are we clear? No? You’re confused…. that’s ok…Lets clarify. It’s only one small difference. The egg. Both dishes are essentially a French style grilled cheese, with slices of Gruyere cheese and slices of lean ham along with a small amount of Dijon mustard. A Croque Madame is topped with a fried egg whereas a Croque Monsieur does not. Now as far as a sauce, this is different depending on the chef’s preference. The one I got from Parc has a béchamel sauce. Chefs like Julia Child added this to their Croques’. This dish , like many others, has been and is currently interpreted in many, many different ways. For example, if you ordered this in Norway, the ham would be replaced with slices of Salmon.

Now onto the dish. The Croque Madame at Parc was very good..and surprisingly very light. It’s weird to think of a grilled cheese made with thick bread and butter filled with meat and cheese to be light, however it was. It didn’t feel very dense and weighed down. It cut easily..the cheese oozed out..was still hot , even after I took a few minutes to snap a few pictures. If you look closely at the picture, you will see a small salad of mixed greens.We went for brunch so it fit perfectly with the sandwich. NOTE: it is technically a sandwich, however i do NOT recommend eating it as such, use a knife and fork please. I had expected the bread to sog up a bit from the sauce and from the cheese and the mustard on the sides ..however when i cut into the bread I heard the crunch and no sog….NONE. Depending on the cheese , when you heat it up ,it can produce moisture , i’ve noticed in my own cooking that provolone does it sometimes…or it wont protect from moisture , if that makes any sense

If you would like to know more about the restaurant click here .

This restaurant is one of a line of establishments under the organization Starr Restaurants, run by famed restauranteur Stephen Starr. For more information and a list of his other establishments,21 of which are in Philadelphia as well as locations in New York City, Washington D.C. ,Florida and Atlantic City please click here .

I feel like I should give personal ratings of the places I eat at and blog about.

So….lets try

Scale 1-10 = 7.5

Why?- Pros= The food was delicious and the presentation of the food was beautiful.  The atmosphere and ambience of the place make you feel like you’re in Paris…dining with Parisians

Cons- As much as I loved eating there…it is a “special occasion” type of place for someone like me, a commoner of sorts…who works 2 + jobs  and doesn’t make a lot of money. This place is very pricey. We only went because of our birthdays.  Whether or not it is worth the price…the jury is still out on that . So if you’re in Philly for a visit or if you live here and looking for a nice evening out in the city, check this place out. Due to location , it’s best to take a cab , or walk…parking is not ideal in my opinion as someone who has lived in the city her WHOLE life….all 25 yrs…..*shivers* still do not want to face that quite yet…


So that is my post for this lovely establishment where i spent part of my birthday weekend…it was very nice feels like yesterday even though it was 3 months ago…..sorry again…have a few more posts to put up..i may venture into video posts…havent decided yet…soo stay tuned..if you know of somewhere I should try…a recipe to test opinion to state.. that works too..i just ask that you be cordial…negative feedback is ok ..just don’t be a meanie..otherwise you will be deleted…got it? good.

See you guys ❤


Oh and P.S….almost are some pics of the other dishes that were enjoyed from the other members of our group who went out to brunch to celebrate. Enjoy:



This is a traditional French breakfast/brunch item called a Quiche Lorraine. Lorraine is the region in France where this dish was first introduced and created.



This is the Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet..yummy



Even a fancy place like Parc has a kids menu…and better’s and Italian dish (the italian girl in me was very pleased). It’s just your run of the mill pasta and red sauce..but I was assured it was very good.





AND the perfect way to end my brunch….FRENCH MACAROONS!