Hey everyone…it is currently 4:06 am on the East Coast…can’ sleep…it happens.

Anyway..i just wanted to let you all know about a new venture that my best friend Damaris and I have decided to begin. We are Vlogging now.

Her and I have our separate Blogs. Mine is this one you are currently reading and hers is called Style D to Z .It is a fashion and beauty blog. We love watching video blogs online and thought that it looked like so much fun. I like that it makes the blogs more personal and easy to relate to. Our channel is called B &D’s Lifestyle Channel. We wanted to create a space where her and I could just talk about things that we love,voice our opinions in safe environment , but also have a space where others could feel comfortable having a voice, maybe enjoy our content and take something from it whether it be occasional advice, recipe,fashion tips,show recommendations , anything really. Right now we have just an intro video but it is a pretty good impression of what her and I are like together and how we get on. Also you can get a good idea of what our videos are like.

Please go and like the video ,give us a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel. Feel free to leave a comment. Please be respectful, opinions are one thing , but we do not tolerate mean and cruel behavior. Our channel is a safe place of creative expression.

Thanks everyone will post soon..check out our channel and blogs!
❤ Brittany


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