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January 5 is National Whipped Cream Day

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Here are today’s five thing to know about Whipped Cream:

  1. Mainly the heavy cream that make whipped cream out of is in reality a milk product.
  2. Normal creams consist of 30 percent of milk fat but heavy cream on the other hand consist of 36 percent fat.
  3. The fatty milk product ensures the production of cream, if whipped more than the required time the cream may turn into butter.
  4. Chilled cream whips better than warm cream, at times if not chilled properly the cream may not whip.  Also, it renders a deeper taste.
  5. Whipping your own cream with an electric beater is a simple process, and it tastes fantastic.


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Today’s Food History

  • 1589 Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II of France died. She is sometimes called the ‘mother of French haute cuisine’ because the Italian chefs she brought with her from Florence…

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