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Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a fabulously fantastic new year! My NYE was spent at work but then it was time to gussy myself up and go out to a fabulous dinner with my bestie. We drove over to Cherry Hill . We wanted Hibachi and driving there on NYE is a little easier then trying to navigate downtown on such a night. I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I NEVER go out to eat in Philly … I do, I promise !

Unfortunately, since it was , again, NYE the wait for 2 seats at the Hibachi was 90 mins ……… So  hmmmm…. yeah that wasn’t going to happen …. We were bummed UNTIL we found out the sushi bar in the restaurant didn’t have a wait at all. So we took our seats , cracked open the menu, and dove in.

I’ve only experienced sushi a few times in my life and I’ve tried the quintessential ‘scary’ sushi like sashimi which looks like this:


It’s not as scary as it looks, however it’s not my first choice. I prefer rolls like this: IMG_0083

Which brings me to the choice I made for an appetizer. I ordered a Shrimp Tempura Roll that looks like this:


IT WAS SOOO GOOD… it’s tempura fried whole shrimp (we will address the process of tempura frying in another post ) rolled up with cucumber strings,avocado, sushi rice,nori(edible seaweed). The plate was drizzled with eel sauce and served with sliced pickled ginger and wasabi. I’ll admit right now, I am not a fan of fried shrimp,it tends to have a mushy texture. However this shrimp still had some firmness to it. The batter was super light…the whole roll felt light which is a hard concept to grasp considering it was loaded with rice. It was delicious and I could’ve eaten 5 or 6 of them.

Next was the main course :



I didn’t stray to far from the norm ….my norm at least. I ordered Sesame Chicken and broccoli and steamed rice. It was delish. I couldn’t eat most of it..I was so full ..I took most of it home and enjoyed it the next day for lunch.

Damaris enjoyed the Tempura Platter:


It was a variety of goodies fried tempura style. There was a large onion ring , so big they only give you one, zucchini ,chicken,eggplant and a large piece of broccoli served with a bowl of rice.

Just when i thought we were done…and my stomach felt like I had a food baby…Damaris mentions something called Fried Ice Cream. *crickets* I’m sorry..I think I blacked out..what did you say? Fried Ice Cream…My brain exploded lol.





It was decent…not my most favorite thing ever..but it was good.I think at that point I was just so full of tempura batter lol.

Needless to was a TEMPURA themed NYE and when it is spent with someone I love and care about deeply ….I would’ve spent it drinking warm tap water and still have had an amazing time.

Whether we are having an over the top NYE or being chill and having dinner together…being with my BESTEST FRIEND EVERS is the only way I could imagine spending the holiday.


— ❤ BH



Hello lovelies…..

I’m currently working on new stuff for the blog….

A video will be posted shortly ,explaining my  plans.

Thank you for being a reader and following my blog.

Its Superbowl Sunday …..I hope you all are enjoying the game if you are watching! super-bowl-xlix

Spock out while you rock out  ( lol )

bye, B ❤