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Checking in!

Hello fellow food lovers

I hope life is treating you well where ever you are in the world. Here in Philly, the weather has been improving..starting to feel more like Spring time..though apparently it’s only a tease since they are calling for snow this coming Friday. UGHH! WHYYYYYY?!! IM SO TIRED OF SNOWWWWW……

Anyway….like I said , I hope all is well. Things on my end have been busy. H & Z are working hard to build our Youtube following to reach as many people as we can whilst also producing great content to inform and entertain , as well as have our voices heard. I’m doing my best to strengthen my writing skills  to bring you some kick ass food blogs. We are also looking into some more creative outlets to further our endeavors to having our voices heard and reach out to people all over the world  . Thank you for your patience with me and with this blog…I have some awesome written blogs I am working on as well as some new videos that will be posted soon, either to this blog or to our YouTube channel which you can view by clicking here.

I will talk to you soon,

Have a beautiful day and an awesome life!

P.S if for some reason you are having a bad day….here is a picture of Jamie Dornan to put a smile on your face, it always works for me :


I hope it helps.

Love – Brittany ❤




It’s been a while…and I am so very sorry for my absence…but never fear.

A few things are in the works…so as i straighten everything out and prepare it for your viewing pleasure…please know I did not forget about you …the readers. I have a few reviews that need to be posted from the last few months.

If you’re interested in more then just food please PLEASE check out my youtube channel I have with my BFFL (best friend for life, because i’m 16 apparently) here is the link. We cover everything from food to makeup, fashion to movies and everything in-between. As well as doing videos on that channel , I am going to attempt to do food review videos as well, just to test the waters.

So check back in a few weeks for all the great new content I am working on. Also, please please , check out the channel,subscribe and like our videos! PLEASE!

Thanks guys,

Stay Warm. Be Safe.

-Brittany ❤