It’s been a while…and I am so very sorry for my absence…but never fear.

A few things are in the works…so as i straighten everything out and prepare it for your viewing pleasure…please know I did not forget about you …the readers. I have a few reviews that need to be posted from the last few months.

If you’re interested in more then just food please PLEASE check out my youtube channel I have with my BFFL (best friend for life, because i’m 16 apparently) here is the link. We cover everything from food to makeup, fashion to movies and everything in-between. As well as doing videos on that channel , I am going to attempt to do food review videos as well, just to test the waters.

So check back in a few weeks for all the great new content I am working on. Also, please please , check out the channel,subscribe and like our videos! PLEASE!

Thanks guys,

Stay Warm. Be Safe.

-Brittany ❤


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