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Cheesecake Factory-April 12, 2015

Ahhh the Cheesecake Factory.


You can’t really go wrong.

I came here for Brunch with Damaris and her mom…for a girls day.

Lets have a breakdown of the food we scarfed lol…rather unladylike for some of us…mainly me. I swear I can’t take myself anywhere.

First up


My meal:  A Monte Cristo Sandwich. I have never gotten this before so I decided to get something different. Its essentially a bacon ,ham,egg and cheese sandwich on french toast. How awesome does that sound?! Well let me tell you…it tasted as good as it sounds. There was a good balance of the sweet from the bread and powder sugar dusting and the savory of the eggs ,cheese and pork. The sandwich was made with Swiss Cheese, Applewood Smoked Bacon , Swiss Cheese, thinly sliced Ham and scrambled eggs. I never got the type of bread that it was, but it held up really well…it didn’t…CRUMBLE UNDER PRESSURE ..haha..i ate the first piece with my hand..then decided that it would be more polite with utensils..because i’m a lady damnit. The dish was served with Homestyle potatoes which were amazingness..It was supposed to be served with a Strawberry compote topping but i voted against it. I know what you’re thinking, “BRITT HOW CAN YOU TURN DOWN STRAWBERRIES”.Well, I didn’t feel like getting rushed to the hospital that day. I wasn’t in the mood.(footnote: i’m highly allergic to i know..tell me about it )

Next up:


This is Damaris’ dish…a basic but delicious French Toast made with French Baguette and dusted with powdered sugar. If you notice that red dot on top of the bread in the picture, it’s a HUGE STRAWBERRY..I could feel it staring me down…giving me the eye. I couldn’t escape it! *heavy breathing* I’m fine…anyway…*clears throat*. The bread had a great crunch on the outside..while still being soft on the inside but wasn’t soggy. Thats a common thing with french toast, where it can all go wrong. If you use the wrong bread, or if you use too much liquid and then you cook it, when you go to cut into it, it will ooze liquid and the bread will have deteriorated from the moisture. Thats it!  All has gone to hell and theres no coming back…at all…all hope is lost…………..BUT that wasn’t the case. Her dish came with the potatoes as well…delicious.

Last but not least….


This is Damaris’ mommas meal..nothing fancy just some good old eggs, potatoes and pancakes…YUMMMMM….the pancakes were light and fluffy cooked to perfection…the homestyle potatoes AGAIN…(they’re everywhere!!) and 2 perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs. She was very pleased with her meal…Her and I both had leftovers that we took home with us,there was just so much food lol .

The 3 of us enjoyed tea and coffee and the company of being with friends and family. They feel like my second family at this point.

Revisiting the leftovers of my meal:

I had it for dinner later that evening:


I warmed it up in the toaster oven…the edges burned a little as you can tell but it didn’t ruin it at all. It was just as delicious the second time around.

Well there you have it..the Cheesecake Factory.Once again we left as happy and full customers..

Till next time

❤ Brittany




I am back baby!

I’ve missed you…

Yes you..and you…oh and you too…I love your hair …have you been working out?…Well you look great !

I have been gone for far too long…

It’s time to play catch-up from the last month or so…

I hope you’re ready..

❤ Brittany