Monthly Archives: July 2015

New Video

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all having a lovely day.

As you may know my best friend and I , as well as having these blogs have a YouTube channel as well. The channel may be what brought you here.

We made the decision to start uploading more personal videos to the channel. Theres the light happy go lucky stuff..but we also wanted to use it as a platform, to give us a voice , to ultimately have the chance to help people by sharing our stories and our experiences.

Our most recent upload is about me. My story. My day to day struggles and the events leading up to this current point in my life. Not the most happy and fluffiest of videos , but still important. I have had some great response to it so far which makes me feel good..because i was scared S***less. I have never been so personal in my videos , and especially to strangers on the internet..but it was and is important and i needed to consider the possibility that someone may see it and find it helpful . So i did it, and i’m glad i did. I don’t go into grave detail about my past  more of a general overview. I may do another video in the future , describing in more detail my past and my journey.

Thank you for being a reader here and sticking with me through my lack of posts. Im trying my best I SWEAR….i’m  a work in progress as is this blog..

So thank you for sticking with me

I hope you enjoy the video. If you enjoy it, please check out our channel . Give us a like,subscribe for more content .

–Brittany ❤