Monthly Archives: November 2015

Back…with a VENG…Ok..not so much..but I am back

Hello readers,

Firstly I want to thank you for sticking with me and being here to read this.

I apologize a lot on here for not being around , and I mean it every time.

Taking this blog into a new direction means that I have more freedom to talk about what I want. Freedom creates pressure.Theres a variety of topics to talk about and I want them all to be memorable and, more then anything,I want them to be worthy of your time .

I have been having a rough couple of weeks. Creatively and mentally. I have been stuck in a rut so to speak , and unfortunately the course of my life makes this a semi-regular occurrence .

However , I am here now to make a promise.

I promise , that no matter what happens , I will make every effort to create . To not let a rough patch hinder my creative energy and therefore create a lack in posts and artistic expression , whether it be in my writing , cooking , painting or videos.

This is a promise I can keep. I was raised to be a woman who honors her word . I feel like I have lived up to that so far in my life, so I will keep my promise. All I ask in return is some patience…..till I find my flow and rhythm in the world.

Thank You

Till next time,

❤  Brittany