April 3rd-Meaning of my business name

Day 3 of the 30 day blog challenge.

Meaning of my business name.

Thats the topic.

Well I don’t really have a business.

I have a blog and a YouTube channel.

So i’ll stick with those.

The YouTube channel is B&D’s Lifestyle Channel.

Pretty self-explanatory but i’ll give a more in-depth explanation.

Damaris and I love YouTube and love watching vloggers and people who connect with an audience in a non traditional way.No filter, creative restrictions or..well any restrictions. We found that people could also talk to a camera more easily then they could to other people face to face and it was very therapeutic for them. We had both kinda hit a point in our lives where we needed..something.Something more..something different…something creative. So we decided to make YouTube videos. The name of the channel is just ..a description of the videos we post. Our lives . Our videos cover a gambit of topics that appear in our day to day lives.Our interests, our stories, our life. We don’t have a script, or really an restrictions. We talk about what we want. And love every minute of it

As for the blog title, Babbling with Britt, well thats a more simple answer.

I like to talk lol.i’m Italian its in my nature lol.Babbling with Britt is really alliterative as well don’t you think?

Well there we go…theres day 3…stay tuned for day 4

See? I’m getting caught up…



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