April 6th-3 Personality traits I am proud of

Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge

3 personality traits I am proud of

I don’t do well with the whole, talking about myself in a positive way, thing. It’s bad I know..so I will make a strong effort to do so..and I will keep this short, simple and sweet.

3 Favorite Traits



I feel I have the ability to put myself in other people’s  shoes . See things from their point of view. I believe this is a trait that is severely lacking in society today and it’s a quality that is hard to come by and I feel very lucky to posses it .



I really like this bit about myself. I have been told many times , I can make someone laugh. That makes me smile. It’s something, I will admit, I pride myself on and have worked on a bit. I had so many dark moments in my life where I felt no reason to smile nor did I have anyone to make me smile and feel good , as I grew older I knew I never wanted anyone to feel that way around me ,EVER. Damaris laughs at me ALL THE TIME. I say laugh AT. Laughs AT &WITH. I laugh at myself too because i’m a goof and weird and have figured out how to laugh at myself and I like making her laugh , because it makes me laugh, then we are both in better moods.

People are really surprised when I talk about having Depression and an Anxiety disorder, because I always seem to have  a smile on my face or i’m always laughing and giggling. Well they’re coping mechanisms . I had to learn over the years to do things to make myself smile so people, mainly those closest to me, wouldn’t know anything was wrong. I kept my issues a secret so I wouldn’t upset them. As a 12-13 year old who was confused about all the things I was feeling , I thought that was the best answer. It just so happened my humor started to…develop , and I got in the habit of using my own humor on myself to help me force a smile and not let on to anything being wrong. Unfortunately , it has become so second nature to me , I do it now on a daily basis with little to no effort.


Willingness to learn

I LOVE to learn. It’s hard for me to learn , but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable for me. When I say it;s hard for me, what I mean is my brain doesn’t learn like it should I guess. Someone used the analogy that my brain is like a computer that doesn’t process and compute the way it should. So for example , i’m a doer. I learn best when I can get my hands dirty and do things. I’m a visual learner not an auditory learner. I HATED lecture classes where teachers just talked….with nothing to back it up. Lectures with corresponding slide shows and presentations were awesome. Classes that showed films then tested on those films , were my favorite. Art classes were my favorite. Theater was the ultimate. Math and Science were enjoyable for me , because I physically had to work out the results. History and English were a bit harder because they required heavily memorization and I was never confident in my memory so when a test came along I would freeze and BOMB .Which is odd considering how much I love to read about history and Shakespeare , short stories, government etc etc.

I love learning new things ,whether it’s learning about a new subject matter or learning things about someone I just met. I crave knowledge. In a perfect world , I would be one of those people that, didn’t know a lot of some things, but knows some things about a lot (thats a quote or saying of some kind, i’m paraphrasing because I can’t remember it all , oops).

So…thats 3 things about me, that was really hard to right but I got through it

Stay Tuned for Day 7!



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