Day 10-First Celebrity Crush

Day 10 of the 30 day challenge

First Celebrity Crush

My first celebrity crush..and my first crush OVERALL is the one and only..


This is MY J.T.


Justin Timberlake circa 1999

Listen! It was the ’90’s and we all make mistakes (THE PINEAPPLE HAIR , in all its glory)and I love him all the more for it , rocking that hair like he just don’t care!

Let’s skip ahead a few years shall we …….(hurryyyy)


Justin Timberlake circa-2004

AHHHHHHH….the CORNROWS! *facepalm

Listen it was the early 2000’s , we all make mistakes…I was still madly in LOVEEE…I was 14-15 yrs old, he owned my heart, cornrows and all. (moving on..fingers crossed)

2010 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Justin Timberlake circa 2010

THANK GOD! I mean….ummm….you know…not that he didn’t well..I mean (cough cough… moment )

And we’re back! This man is like a  FINE (and i mean fine) WINE…he gets better with age.


Justin Timberlake circa 2016

Here he is today…I MEAN COME ON! Better with age! I just…i’m drooling over the sexiness!  Look he’s a married man and a new daddy , I respect that!

He will always be my first love!

I gotta go before I cry (Im not crying….noooo, no im not ,you can’t prove it! )

Stay tuned for day 11!



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