Day 8-Old Photo

Day 8 of the 30 day challenge

Post an old photo

TECHNICALLY , I’ve done it already ..a few days ago during this challenge.

But, i’ll spoil you with another one, not as old as the first one but still slightly old.

balloonroom10So you’re probably thinking, “what the hell? They must REALLY love balloons”

Well , thats partially true. This picture is from 2011. I was in my last semester at the Abington campus of Penn State University. I was, like a lot of people I knew, preparing for the move and transition to the Main campus of Penn State in State College, PA . I was part of an on campus group called LEAP , and we were responsible for events that took place on campus , primarily in the Lares building which for our small commuter campus was out dining hall/computer lab/lounge/offices/student services/student club office.

This was also ,I believe to be the happiest I had ever been. I didn’t know it at the time , and I also didn’t quite know that I was going to soon hit the lowest point I had ever hit less than a 7 months after this picture was taken.These are some of my friends. They meant a lot to me, and still do though now we don’t talk like we used to. I saw these guys every day. The room where this pic was taken is where I spent very early mornings. I was one of the first students on campus and I would go right up to the Balloon Room, and get started on the days prep for events we had that day. An hour or so later I would be joined by the 2 guys next to me and the gentleman in the front would come along and make us all laugh in the EARLY hours. (for privacy purposes I wont mention their names, though I am posting their pic so the privacy point may be moot).

So this is the old picture I decided to post. It was actually the first one that popped in my head when I read the topic for todays post. I just miss these guys a lot. They made me really happy and I love them a lot.

Stay Tuned for Day 9




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