Day 12-If I Won the Lottery

Day 12 of the 30 day challenge

If I won the lottery 

Welllll…(here comes the overthinking )

It depends on the winnings …

Firstly I will pay off my parents debt. First and foremost.

I don’t care if it takes all of the winnings, but I want my parents to be debt free. I want them to be able to travel . My dad would love nothing more then to travel the country in a winnebago , just him and my mom. My mom would love nothing more than to go to Italy. She HATES flying, but will fly to get to Italy. I want to be able to take care of my parents. Help them retire comfortably and just have fun. They deserve it for all the hard work they do.

If I have any winnings left over , I will pay off my debt.wonder-how-much-debt-a-college-puts-its-students-in-this-tool-makes-the-investigation-a-breeze_original

My debt is one of the reasons I had to leave college without completing my degree. I want to be debt free and be able to go back to school and finish the journey I started. Pay off my debt and go back and finish Penn State. I’m also to stubborn to go anywhere else to finish. It’s where I started my adult life pretty much and it’s the only college that I ever felt like was the right fit for me. It was and always will be my home and one day I will return there. Winning the lottery would help that happen a lot sooner though .

If I am fortunate enough to have anything left after all that, I would travel with my best friend , Damaris. My dream vacation is London. We would go to London for a week ,then travel around Europe. Ireland, Italy, Spain, France,Denmark. I want to visit them all. I’ve never been off the continent of North America before. The furthest I have gone is Montreal,Quebec . I’m not a huge fan of flying (like my mom) but I will suck it up to get to London lol .

I would love, again if I am fortunate enough to have anything left over, to move. Live somewhere like NYC or even London. Get a funky apartment or house for Damaris and I. Gotta have my bestie !  I am a city girl at heart and would love to move to a new city . Then one day…when I am older and have lived a little bit of a life, I would like to move somewhere like the English Countryside and live in a small cottage , a la Kate Winslet in “The Holiday” , with my husband (if i ever meet him, *wink* CHRIS EVANS *wink*) . holiday-movie-cottage


Thats about it. I don’t want a lot of “things” I suppose. I just want the financial freedom to do things. Though if I did go for material objects, I would love to build my dream kitchen in my dream home . lol. But thats not that important. I want to do things for the people in my life. Thats what matters to me.

Stay Tuned for Day 13

Not as behind…..I am catching up! *wink*

Thank you for reading!






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