Day 14- What is in my Handbag

Day 14 of the 30 day challenge

What is in my handbag?

OK….here’s the thing , I don’t really have a handbag.

It depends on the circumstances. I usually only have a handbag/purse when I am going out. When I go to work or to the gym I have my backpack. I  am  HORRIBLE girl. Or I’m an awesome girl because I don’t fit the stereotype of girls and their purses. Lets go with that.

Heres a picture of my bag from the outside :IMG_2333Harmless enough. The front pocket is full of pens and gum lol. Didn’t take a picture out of embarrassment lol .

Here is a picture of the inside:


Some of the basics :

  • my wallet
  • a handpainted Captain America Sheild copybook
  • another smaller notebook
  • much smaller notebook from Cambio #builtbygirls
  • the yellow you see is the lanyard for my keys
  • the flowered item is my calender book
  • the green handle is my there from the weekend
  • a folder , currently empty.

A bit of a mess , I will admit . But it is my lifeline of sorts when I am out all day .

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Day 15 ( had a busy weekend and fell behind…I will catch up I promise!)



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