Day 15 -Timeline of my Day

Day 15 of the 30 day challenge

Timeline of my day. 


So at this point in my life, unfortunately, I don’t really have a routine to my week , so my days don’t always have a routine, however I will give you a close estimate to what a day can look like for me. Lets go with a Thursday , it’s a work day , and I usually get the most done .

9:00am -wake up *i do get to sleep in a bit….thankfully lol

9-10am – get ready for work * it really does take me an hour…usually cause i’m on my phone for the first 40 mins lol , don’t judge me…WE ALL DO IT

10:15am -the latest I can leave to make my bus in time..

10:55am-I board the second bus that will take me directly to work

11:27am- If the bus runs on schedule , I arrive at the bus stop located across the street of my work ,which gives me 3 mins to walk across the street and clock in for my 11:30am shift. I know what you’re thinking, “you don’t have to be in till 11:30? yes…its good and bad…good because it’s late morning..bad because my shift is only till 5 …so its a 5.5 hr shift. Not great. But I will take what I can get and I am very grateful for a job.

11:30am-5:00pm- On the clock and working.

5-5:30pm -waiting for the bus .

6:30pm-if all runs according to the schedule I will arrive at my “home” bus stop by this time..and head across the street to the gym where I typically spend an hour or so there, depending on how crowded it is and what machines are available.

8:00pm- After being at work and having a good workout and my walk home , I typically arrive home around 8pm.

After this point , it’s lounging around, catching up on youtube vlogs from my favorite Youtubers and eating dinner .

So that is a typical Thursday for me.

Thanks for reading

Stay Tuned for day 16


** NOTE : I am a bit behind , I know. Some things have come up and I have had to put the posts on hold , but I will spend the next couple of days getting caught up. Please be patient with me . THANK YOU




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