April 6th-3 Personality traits I am proud of

Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge

3 personality traits I am proud of

I don’t do well with the whole, talking about myself in a positive way, thing. It’s bad I know..so I will make a strong effort to do so..and I will keep this short, simple and sweet.

3 Favorite Traits



I feel I have the ability to put myself in other people’s  shoes . See things from their point of view. I believe this is a trait that is severely lacking in society today and it’s a quality that is hard to come by and I feel very lucky to posses it .



I really like this bit about myself. I have been told many times , I can make someone laugh. That makes me smile. It’s something, I will admit, I pride myself on and have worked on a bit. I had so many dark moments in my life where I felt no reason to smile nor did I have anyone to make me smile and feel good , as I grew older I knew I never wanted anyone to feel that way around me ,EVER. Damaris laughs at me ALL THE TIME. I say laugh AT. Laughs AT &WITH. I laugh at myself too because i’m a goof and weird and have figured out how to laugh at myself and I like making her laugh , because it makes me laugh, then we are both in better moods.

People are really surprised when I talk about having Depression and an Anxiety disorder, because I always seem to have  a smile on my face or i’m always laughing and giggling. Well they’re coping mechanisms . I had to learn over the years to do things to make myself smile so people, mainly those closest to me, wouldn’t know anything was wrong. I kept my issues a secret so I wouldn’t upset them. As a 12-13 year old who was confused about all the things I was feeling , I thought that was the best answer. It just so happened my humor started to…develop , and I got in the habit of using my own humor on myself to help me force a smile and not let on to anything being wrong. Unfortunately , it has become so second nature to me , I do it now on a daily basis with little to no effort.


Willingness to learn

I LOVE to learn. It’s hard for me to learn , but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable for me. When I say it;s hard for me, what I mean is my brain doesn’t learn like it should I guess. Someone used the analogy that my brain is like a computer that doesn’t process and compute the way it should. So for example , i’m a doer. I learn best when I can get my hands dirty and do things. I’m a visual learner not an auditory learner. I HATED lecture classes where teachers just talked….with nothing to back it up. Lectures with corresponding slide shows and presentations were awesome. Classes that showed films then tested on those films , were my favorite. Art classes were my favorite. Theater was the ultimate. Math and Science were enjoyable for me , because I physically had to work out the results. History and English were a bit harder because they required heavily memorization and I was never confident in my memory so when a test came along I would freeze and BOMB .Which is odd considering how much I love to read about history and Shakespeare , short stories, government etc etc.

I love learning new things ,whether it’s learning about a new subject matter or learning things about someone I just met. I crave knowledge. In a perfect world , I would be one of those people that, didn’t know a lot of some things, but knows some things about a lot (thats a quote or saying of some kind, i’m paraphrasing because I can’t remember it all , oops).

So…thats 3 things about me, that was really hard to right but I got through it

Stay Tuned for Day 7!



April 5th-Guilty Pleasure

Day 5 of the 30 Day Challenge

Guilty Pleasure.

HMMM…where do I begin lol.

This is where my anxiety can rear its ugly head and make me over think things…..like i’m about to do.

SO “GUILTY PLEASURE”…too broad..is it guilty pleasure food? music? tv? movie?activity?


Guilty Pleasures:

Food-Ritz Bits Cheese crackers

Music-Broadway/Musical Movie  Soundtracks

TV- Binge watching Criminal Minds or Blue Bloods (need me some Shemar Moore and Donnie Wahlburg)

Movie- Snervous

Activity- Facebook Games

So now i’m going to go before I overthink it more ….





April 4th- Earliest Childhood Memory

Day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge

Earliest Childhood Memory.

This is a hard one, because I don’t remember a lot about my childhood….at least the good stuff ….there was a lot of bad. So much so that I kind of put a mental block on the earlier years of my life and its hard to dig deep and think that far back. However , for the sake of this post, I will do my best.

( 30 mins later)

The earliest one I can think of is dancing at a family party. I don’t have an age or year to go with it , but I do have this picture dancingwithfamilyI may not know the exact year, but considering the denim on denim my mother is rocking and that AWESOME HAIR! i’m going to guess its in the 1994-95 range. So i’m probably about 5 or 6. Can I just say, I am LOVING my Pocahontas sweater.

I come from a big italian family so all our family gatherings are loud and there is always music playing somewhere. Usually someone busts out a dance move or two . Whip out the Jitterbug or some Cha-Cha Slide. Thats what my earliest memory sparks in my head. Those are the moments that helped me cope with all the shit that was going on at school and in my “social” life. These were the moments that kept me from going down a dark,dark spiral and I will always be grateful that I had that to hold on to.


Stay Tuned for Day 5


April 3rd-Meaning of my business name

Day 3 of the 30 day blog challenge.

Meaning of my business name.

Thats the topic.

Well I don’t really have a business.

I have a blog and a YouTube channel.

So i’ll stick with those.

The YouTube channel is B&D’s Lifestyle Channel.

Pretty self-explanatory but i’ll give a more in-depth explanation.

Damaris and I love YouTube and love watching vloggers and people who connect with an audience in a non traditional way.No filter, creative restrictions or..well any restrictions. We found that people could also talk to a camera more easily then they could to other people face to face and it was very therapeutic for them. We had both kinda hit a point in our lives where we needed..something.Something more..something different…something creative. So we decided to make YouTube videos. The name of the channel is just ..a description of the videos we post. Our lives . Our videos cover a gambit of topics that appear in our day to day lives.Our interests, our stories, our life. We don’t have a script, or really an restrictions. We talk about what we want. And love every minute of it

As for the blog title, Babbling with Britt, well thats a more simple answer.

I like to talk lol.i’m Italian its in my nature lol.Babbling with Britt is really alliterative as well don’t you think?

Well there we go…theres day 3…stay tuned for day 4

See? I’m getting caught up…


April 2nd-20 Facts about me

Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge.

20 facts about me!

  1. My birthday is September 13
  2. My favorite professional sport is Hockey
  3. My dream vacation is to go to London , then travel Europe
  4. I throw a mean spiral.
  5. I grew up doing musical theater and dance
  6. Dancing is one of the things I can say with confidence that I’m pretty good at
  7. I went to Penn State University
  8. I love (LOVE) to cook
  9. My favorite MARVEL hero is Captain America.
  10. My favorite DC hero is Superman (cinematic)/ Green Arrow (TV)
  11. I AM A NERD!
  12. My best friend calls me a human calculator
  13. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression
  14. I spent my teen years working with my dad , he is a hockey ref and I was a scorekeeper.
  15. I am a MASSIVE theater nerd
  16. Chris Hardwick is my spirit animal
  17. I live in Philadelphia
  18. I am a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers AND the Pittsburgh Penguins. (shhh don’t tell anyone)
  19. I love trying new and different creative activities and have found them to be a good outlet and found it to have a calming affect for my anxiety.
  20. I’m new to the whole commitment thing…this blog is the biggest commitment I have in my life #singleandhateit

The April 30 Day Challenge…

Good evening readers…

Now for all of you who read my blog and watch my videos…we all know I suck at posting regularly.

Well I was on Pintrest one evening…it was probably super late/early…and I was most likely unable to sleep.  It’s better then late night online shopping …way cheaper. Anyway, I was on Pintrest one night and the “31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE”. I found it toward the end of March and thought to myself ” I need to redeem myself to my blog readers…..IM DOING IT FOR APRIL ” , then I remembered April only has 30 days….but ill make it work, ill throw in 2 in 1 day.

Now you may be asking “whats the 31 day challenge” ? Well I will tell you. Its a list of questions or topics that are numbered. Each number corresponds to a day of the month and on each day you answer or address each respective item.Also you’re probably thinking to yourself  “but its April 3 ?”. OK  I am late……

I’ll be good though I promise. The posts to follow will be the 2nd and 3rd of the month because guess what? THIS WAS APRIL 1st! My introduction to the challenge!

Thanks for sticking with me!


Hello …..its me…

I couldn’t resist an Adele pun….

Happy New Year ,

I hope all is well….and I hope that we are having good luck and success with those new years resolutions….I know I am…not. My resolution was to make sure i went to the gym 3 times a week at least. Its hard to get to the gym when you fall ill and snowmageddon happens..but I am on the mend and will be returning back to that when I am better and all this awful snow melts so I can move about my neighborhood safely…well…thats relative…I live in the city….so safe is in fact…a relative term.

But I wanted to stop by to say Hi. Also, I am working on a few things so stay tuned for new posts , for example one that I am working on now…should be up tonight or tomorrow.

If you follow my YouTube Channel , here , you will notice that we have been a bit absent.

Unfortunately , Damaris and I work basically opposite schedules so seeing one another to film is hard. However she has her own channel which you can find here . Our hopes are to get some new content up on the channel for you in the coming weeks so never fear.

Keep following us on social media as well for all the updates and to be entertained..i’ve been told I am quite entertaining on the Snapchat lol

Stay well…live long and prosper

Brittany ❤

Back…with a VENG…Ok..not so much..but I am back

Hello readers,

Firstly I want to thank you for sticking with me and being here to read this.

I apologize a lot on here for not being around , and I mean it every time.

Taking this blog into a new direction means that I have more freedom to talk about what I want. Freedom creates pressure.Theres a variety of topics to talk about and I want them all to be memorable and, more then anything,I want them to be worthy of your time .

I have been having a rough couple of weeks. Creatively and mentally. I have been stuck in a rut so to speak , and unfortunately the course of my life makes this a semi-regular occurrence .

However , I am here now to make a promise.

I promise , that no matter what happens , I will make every effort to create . To not let a rough patch hinder my creative energy and therefore create a lack in posts and artistic expression , whether it be in my writing , cooking , painting or videos.

This is a promise I can keep. I was raised to be a woman who honors her word . I feel like I have lived up to that so far in my life, so I will keep my promise. All I ask in return is some patience…..till I find my flow and rhythm in the world.

Thank You

Till next time,

❤  Brittany