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Hello …..its me…

I couldn’t resist an Adele pun….

Happy New Year ,

I hope all is well….and I hope that we are having good luck and success with those new years resolutions….I know I am…not. My resolution was to make sure i went to the gym 3 times a week at least. Its hard to get to the gym when you fall ill and snowmageddon happens..but I am on the mend and will be returning back to that when I am better and all this awful snow melts so I can move about my neighborhood safely…well…thats relative…I live in the city….so safe is in fact…a relative term.

But I wanted to stop by to say Hi. Also, I am working on a few things so stay tuned for new posts , for example one that I am working on now…should be up tonight or tomorrow.

If you follow my YouTube Channel , here , you will notice that we have been a bit absent.

Unfortunately , Damaris and I work basically opposite schedules so seeing one another to film is hard. However she has her own channel which you can find here . Our hopes are to get some new content up on the channel for you in the coming weeks so never fear.

Keep following us on social media as well for all the updates and to be entertained..i’ve been told I am quite entertaining on the Snapchat lol

Stay well…live long and prosper

Brittany ❤


Back…with a VENG…Ok..not so much..but I am back

Hello readers,

Firstly I want to thank you for sticking with me and being here to read this.

I apologize a lot on here for not being around , and I mean it every time.

Taking this blog into a new direction means that I have more freedom to talk about what I want. Freedom creates pressure.Theres a variety of topics to talk about and I want them all to be memorable and, more then anything,I want them to be worthy of your time .

I have been having a rough couple of weeks. Creatively and mentally. I have been stuck in a rut so to speak , and unfortunately the course of my life makes this a semi-regular occurrence .

However , I am here now to make a promise.

I promise , that no matter what happens , I will make every effort to create . To not let a rough patch hinder my creative energy and therefore create a lack in posts and artistic expression , whether it be in my writing , cooking , painting or videos.

This is a promise I can keep. I was raised to be a woman who honors her word . I feel like I have lived up to that so far in my life, so I will keep my promise. All I ask in return is some patience…..till I find my flow and rhythm in the world.

Thank You

Till next time,

❤  Brittany